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Volleyball Club

Advanced Volleyball Eligibility

For safety reasons and to insure a high quality game, Advanced Level Board Members will determine who is eligible to participate on advanced level play days.  All Club Members & Guests must be approved to play on advanced days by the Volleyball Board or their representatives BEFORE they can play. If advanced club members do not participate in Club play for a period of 6 months they must be must be re-approved before playing advanced play.  All new players must have advanced level skill/play knowledge listed below:

  1. Must understand and consistently practice the volleyball theory
    • pass-set-hit
    • second ball setters
    • blocking
    • covering block
    • covering hitter
  2. Must know and play all court positions properly and understand all offensive and defensive positions. This is a safety issue
  3. Must be agile and be able to handle and anticipate hard spiked balls. This is a safety issue.
  4. Must be able to control the ball when passing/bumping.
  5. Must be able to properly execute a 2 handed set and back set.
    • Must be able to consistently put up a high, hittable set.
    • Must be able to consistently put up a high, hittable back set.
    • Must be able to consistently cross set.
    • Women MUST be able to play effectively as a setter.
    • Very few women are hitters in coed volleyball.
    • Women who cannot or are unwilling to play as setter will not be allowed to participate.
  6. Must be able to consistently spike/hit the ball properly within the court boundaries.
    • Men must be able to effectively & consistently spike the ball down and block opposing hitters.
  7. Must be able to consistently serve a “fair/good” serve.