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String Band, Village

The Village String Band has been entertaining audiences for over twenty years, giving Village residents and members of the Saddleback Emeritus Community the opportunity to have fun playing and singing their  favorite country. folk and 

novelty tunes.  We perform a concert of old favorites every year in early May.

And you are welcome as well if you play an instrument!

We meet every Thursday during the school year from 10 AM to 11:45.


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Sharone Rosen, President

Originally called the LW Variety Band, we became known as the Village String Band in the early 2000’s, when Saddleback Community College added it as an Instrumental Performance class in the Emeritus College curriculum. Our Instructor and band leader, Louise Jacobs, has been leading the band since 2009.

Today, the twenty plus members play acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, slide guitar, ukuleles-both Soprano and Baritone, as well as drums, fiddles, accordion, auto-harp, harmonica and even a banjo-lele. Every spring, at the beginning of May, we perform a full set of twenty or more songs at the Performing Arts Center for Friends, Relatives and anyone who enjoys a tuneful good time.

One of our featured vocalists, Elsie Pearson, the former president of the club, continues to perform and entertain as our oldest member, at 95.

Officers are: President Sharon Rosen, Treasurer Debbie Byrne, Barbara Landsman, Bern Smith, Sunshine Lutey, Melanie Delgado and Paul Lambert.




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