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Challenge Court Survey May 2022

The membership of the Tennis Club is constantly changing – new players arrive and long-term players retire.  As the composition of the Club changes, preferences may change as well.

A few years ago, the Challenge Court was popular with our members.  New players and players who didn’t have a foursome that day would come to Court 1 and sign up to challenge those already on the court.  Whenever a challenge was issued, the losing team of the set already underway would leave the court at the set’s end and the challenging team would play the next set.  If a team won two sets in a row, they would leave the court as well as the losing team and the next two challenging teams would start a set.

You could come to the courts alone and team up with another single to make a challenge.  While you were waiting your turn, you could watch the current match and think how you would play the winners.  It was a way for people to play without making a lot of advance plans and a great way for players new to Laguna Woods to start to play and meet new people.

More recently, the Court 1 rules were modified to formalize optional use.  When no challenges have been made the court simply follows the same rules as courts 2-4.

Some people have suggested that there is no longer sufficient interest to keep the Challenge Court option and this survey was undertaken to gauge the present thinking of all the Club members. 

The survey report can be accessed via this link:  Challenge Court Survey Results