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Reform Temple of Laguna Woods

SHABBAT SERVICES: Friday evening, 7:30 pm

*** Masks are now Required During Services ***

Clubhouse 1 Main Lounge 

Rabbi Joseph Mendelsohn

Cantor John Guest

Choir Director Juanita Tsu

RECURRING Friday evening service link

MEMBERSHIP: Thank you to everyone who has paid their 2022-2023 dues. For those who have not,
now is the time. Please mail your $225 check to Reform Temple of Laguna Woods, P.O. Box 2833,
Laguna Woods, CA 92653. You may also pay online on our website indicating “Dues.” Thank you.
** Address or email updates should be sent to Lynne Rosenstein:**

DINE-OUT HAVURAH: Our next Dine Out will be on Sunday, August 14th at 12:00 noon for lunch.
The restaurant is El Ranchio Avila, 24406 Muirlands Blvd. Those interested need to contact Carole
Loden at or 949-470-4624. Further details will be coming.
HAVUROT:  If you have a special interest and would like to be with other temple members who share
your interest, please contact Eileen Garbutt at The following Havurot are
Dine Out Havurah, Call Jo Ann Novack (201)707-3323.
Theater Havurah, email Mike Bender at
New Members: Jerry Halpert - (949)461-0039 or
A new Havurah is forming! A Social Bridge Haverah! If you are interested, please contact Ruth
Leigh at (714)803-2755 or

See Document Tab for full list of ongoing and upcoming events.  


You can now donate to the Reform Temple of Laguna Woods.  Please click the link below.  You can either use your credit card or your Pay Pal account.  In addition, the Reform Temple is now accepting membership as well as Tributes via Pay Pal account.

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Rabbi Joe Mendelsohn

Cantor John Guest

PO Box  2833,  Laguna Hills, CA 92654

HOTLINE:  949-572-3204


Marti Hack


Stuart Hack/Jerry Halpert

1st Vice President  

Mike Bender


Carol Sandusky/Lynn Rosenstein


Ray Perlstein


Susi Levin 

Assistant Treasurer

Marlene Barkley


Bob Schwartz/Gail Sherain


Elaine Schneider

 Social Action

 Sunny Haberman/Tracy Strousse


Harriet Schwartz/Cheryl Beldner

Past President: Sheila Portnoy


  • Sharon Beck
  • Evette Glauber
  • Warren Walker
  • Margot Gilison

New Trustees

Joel Sigman, Harriet Goldman, Rachel Forman, Martha Gulner

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