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Publishing Club

Our members share a common interest in understanding the world of publishing. We meet monthly to listen to speakers and share our experiences and ideas. Among us are authors of memoirs, biographies, humor, poetry, mystery novels, children's books, sci-fi, and more.  Some authors use traditional publishing methods; some self-publish their work; and others want a few copies for family and friends.   Our members include established authors, award-winning writers or poets, and first-time authors. 

Contact Us

Peggy P Edwards, President : 949-707-5156

Miranda McPhee, Publicity : 949-445-2553

Vice Presidents: Jill Amadio, Scott Galasso


Facebook (for club members): Search for Publishing Club of Laguna Woods and request to join.


We meet from 2-4 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Dining Room 1 of the PAC (Clubhouse 3).

Membership is $20 and includes a copy of Village Stories, the annual anthology written by our members. Guests $3.

About  Village Stories: In October 2017, the Publishing Club self-published the third volume of Village Stories, an annual anthology of stories, poems, and memoirs written by our members. The book is $8, and the profit goes to the Laguna Woods Foundation. Perhaps not all us of have a book inside us, but all of have at least one good story to share.


Club Events


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