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Lawn bowls are played on a rectangular section of grass (carpet) called a “rink.” 

One to four players from opposing teams alternate rolling their bowls toward a small white ball (the “jack”) at the far end of the rink.

Bowls are rolled in one direction, a team scores one point for each of its bowls that ends up closer to the jack than the opponent’s closest bowl.

The bowls are not spherical. One side is slightly flattened and weighted, which causes the bowl to curve as it slows down and that’s where it gets challenging. Check out the videos for a quick overview. 

Click:   Basic look at the game of Lawn Bowling. Note: We do not require white in our daily games.

Good non-strenuous outdoor exercise among friendly people.  A competitive sport you can enjoy for many years.

Free lessons every Saturday morning at 9:00 am

We supply everything you need. You just need to wear smooth sole shoes and comfortable clothing.

Call 949-667-0287 for more information.

Contact Us

Laguna Woods Lawn Bowling Club Email:

President: Al De Saintis

Phone 732-425-0072     Email:

Lead Trainer  Steve Duckworth, 

Phone: 949-667-0287 Email:


Monday: evenings at 5:00 casual game 

Tuesday: 10:00 am, 14 end games blind draw. 12:30 pm 12 end  competitive games 

Wednesday: 10:00 am  14 end games blind draw & 5:00 pm 10 end casual game 

Thursday: 10:00  am 14 end games blind draw and 12:30 pm 12 end competitive games 

Friday: 9:00 am, Playing pairs. 2, 10 end competitive games. 

Saturday: 10:00 am 14 end games blind draw. 

Sunday: 5:00 pm 10 end casual games. 

Please remember to call in at least 30 minutes before the games start 

and arrive 15 minutes before the start time.  

Call 949-951-3027 and give your name and Tag number if you plan to bowl.

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