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Armed Forces Adoption Committee, Laguna Woods

The Armed Forces Adoption Club is forming and we would like to ask for your help to join us by supporting the First Marine Regiment out of Camp Pendleton. There is no membership fee. We, (along with volunteers like you), will be active in providing services to our troops at home and deployed.  If you are able to help and support our mission, please stop by the Recreation Department at our Community building (1st floor office) to sign up today. For questions please call or e-mail Carol. We stand united with our past and present Armed Forces.

 Thank you kindly.

Contact Us

Marily Stone Benjamin, President


Our Mission

The Mission of The Armed Forces Adoption Club is to partner with the community of Laguna Woods Village, the City of Laguna Woods and organizations to provide year-round support to the First Marine Regiment and their families, adopted by The Armed Forces Adoption Club. Club volunteers are committee to make a positive impact in  the lives of the men and women of the Guadalcanal First Marine Regiment who courageously protect our freedom and to offer support both when they are at home and when they are deployed.

How you can be involved

Our community-run adoption club serves as a support system for the Guadalcanal Battalion and their families by sponsoring on-going programs.

Supporting our adopted troops

  1. Send periodic care packages to deployed troops
  2. Subsidize the cost for Marines to attend the annual Marine Corps Ball
  3. Subsidize cost of gowns to wear at the annual Marine Corps Ball
  4. Distribute toys to children of our Marines during the holidays
  5. Attend BBQ and offer support of returning soldiers
  6. Holiday celebrations with a volunteer family
  7. Invite Marines to play golf at the Laguna Woods Marine Fundraiser
  8. Invite families of deployed soldiers to the Laguna Woods Village Equestrian Center for a day of fun



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