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Foreign Policy Association

MISSION – to serve as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding and informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy and global issues.

HISTORY – founded in 1918 as the LEAGUE OF FREE NATIONS ASSOCIATION to support president Woodrow Wilson’s efforts to achieve a just peace. In 1923, reconstituted to become the Foreign Policy Association with the commitment for careful study of all sides of international issues affecting the United States.  John Foster Dulles and Eleanor Roosevelt were among the incorporators.

INFORM –FPA produces "Great Decisions" briefing videos and a book each year -- by experts from diplomacy, academia, and media -- for the local discussion groups.

INSPIRE – since 2000, the Foreign Policy Association have created a global career foreign policy boot camp for individuals who work within the field.


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Kathryn Freshley

The FPA of LAGUNA WOODS VILLAGE has existed for over 20 years. We facilitate 2 small discussion groups that meet in the Spring, every other week from mid-January to late April. Each seminar has 20-30 participants.  The sessions are held in the Community Center on:

Group #1; MONDAY EVENING, 7:15 T0 9 PM: Jan 14, Feb 11 & 25, Mar 11 & 25, Apr 8 & 22 

Group #2; FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 1:30 TO 3 PM: Jan 18, Feb 1, & 15, Mar 1, 15 & 29, Apr 12 & 26

SESSION FORMAT – play video –first 20-30 minutes; then 1 hr group discussion about the topic. Each seminar participant should have read the text material prior to the session.


Topic 1: Refugees and Global Migration 

Topic 2: The Middle East 

Topic 3: Nuclear Negotiations 

Topic 4: Populism in Europe 

Topic 5: U.S.-China Trade 

Topic 6: Cyber Conflict 

Topic 7: The U.S. and Mexico 

Topic 8: The State of the State Department and Diplomacy


Registration for the 2019 sessions will begin in early December. The announcement will be in the Globe and a Registration Form should be completed and mailed in with your check for the discussion group of your choice. The sessions will begin in the second and third week of January 2019.

To get a Registration Form, either: (1) Click its link under "Documents" caption just below and print the document; or (2) At any clubhouse rack get invitation flyer with Registration slip at its bottom; or, (3) Hand write info required on a blank slip to mail with a check. 

Finally, mail the completed document with your check to FPA, PO Box 3832, Laguna Hills, CA 92654.


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