Evergreen Line Dance Club 長青排舞社

Line Dance

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Anna Chu
609-961-1225 (text only)


MORNING DANCES for series a-D:

5 times weekly at 8 to 9 AM

Monday (E-Series), Tuesday (A-Series), Wednesday (B-Series), Friday (C-Series), & Saturday (D-Series)

CH2 Outdoors

Fee: $1 annual club membership fee, waiver form required



A01 Electric Slide, A02 Big Daddy, A03 Jumping Jack, A04 Little Jack, A05 Slapping Leather, A06 Hiroshima, A07 Little Umbrella, A08 Look Back, A09 Kiss When the Sun Goes Down (Tush-Push), A10 昨天今天下雨天, A11 Ugly Duckling, A12 Dr. Jones, A13 Take A Chance (Penelope), A14 I Need Love, A15 Be My Lover, A16 The Twist, A17 Bad Bad Leroy Brown


B01 失戀, B02 萬水千山總是情, B03 Captured By Love, B04 Bad Bad Leroy Brown, B05 Boot Scootin Boogie, B06 Two Times, B07 Todo Todo Todo, B08 月朦朧鳥朦朧, B09 苦酒满杯, B10 Sugar Sugar, B11 Rhythm of the Rain, B12 Sweet Sweet Smile, B13 Watermelon Crawl, B14 Cumbia Semana, B15 Seduced, B16 情千千意千千, B17 Co Co Jambo


C01 Tango with the Sheriff, C02 Shalala Lala, C03 Singing In the Rain, C04 Patricia, C05 One Way Ticket, C06 No One Needs To Know, C07 Tennesee Waltz, C08 Caballero, C09 Obama Slide, C10 何日君再來, C11 我的心裏只有你, C12 Old Time Rock-n-Roll, C13 長城謠, C14 I Have a Dream, C15 昨夜星辰, C16 初戀, C17 Gypsy Queen


D01 Come Dance With Me, D02 I Just want to Dance with You, D03 More than I can Say, D04 All my EXs live in Texas, D05 I Can't stop Loving You, D06 Yesterday Once More, D07 You are My Sunshine, D08 Runaround Sue, D09 Beautiful Sunday, D10 Bicycle Waltz, D11 Rivers of Babylon, D12 Playa Silencio, D13 Hasta La Vista Senora, D14 Africa Bum Bum, D15 Last Waltz 


E01 Windmill Waltz,  E02 The Lemon Tree, E03 I Need To Know, E04 Dancing In The Dark, E05 Bosa Nova, E06 Cold Heart, E07 Amor Tango, E08 The Next Love, E09 Bésame Mucho, E10 Islands In The Stream, 
E11 Silver Thread, E12 Green Green Grass of Home, E13 Lonely Drum, E14 Miracle Cha-Cha, E15 Try to Remember.


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