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Meet four great Democratic candidates, three of whom you will be able to vote for in the June 2022 primary. It is important to support these candidates early! For some of those races, if the candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the June vote is final and there is no election in November.  Pete Hardin for O.C. District Attorney, Joe Kerr for O.C. Board of Supervisors, District 5, Sherine Smith for O.C. Board of Education, District 5 and Katrina Foley for O.C. Board of Supervisors, District 2.  

We are requiring proof of vaccination and masks for all meetings and events effective October 1, 2021, until further notice. We are also requiring all attendees sign a Waiver of Liability.  Forms will be available at the meeting.

2) TODAY & ALWAYS - Do you want to message, congratulate, honor a loved one and at the same time help your Democratic Club?” Please send an email to Rebeca ( or call 949-452-0464. Tell her whom you want to honor and what you want to say, and we will publish it! Please submit it before the 15th of the month. Just donate $10 or more per line. Donations: Laguna Woods Democratic Club - P.O. Box 2243 - Laguna Hills, Ca. 92654-2243.

From September 30-October 21 you can watch the September 25th Program on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. CA Senator Dave Min and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris speak and answer questions at the club’s luncheon. Katie Porter speaks on a video created for the club.


This event recognizes the United Nation organization and all who serve and participate in this world organization. The United Nations is dedicated to world peace, and to the betterment of humanity through a wide range of programs from world hunger to the environment and health issues. Almost all of the more than 100 countries in the world are members of this organization.

Membership 2022 - Membership is open to all Laguna Woods Village and Orange County residents. Regular Members are registered Democrats; Affiliate Members need not be. Application: Download, Print and Mail: https://www.lagunawoodsvillage...

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Volunteer Opportunities - Voter registration and membership are available for those interested in growing our Democratic Club.

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Updated: 10/01/2021

The purpose of the Club is to stimulate greater interest in government affairs, to further the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, to increase Democratic Party registration and turnout, and to elect Democratic candidates who will truly support the United States Constitution and work for the highest degree of economic and social justice and welfare for all people.

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