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Golden Girls Dance Club

National First Class ERHU Player Li XiaoBo

Li Xiaobo Profile: Mr Li Famous Chinese Erhu instrument performer on the Independence Day, June 29,  at the Performing Arts Center at 2 P.M., &at 7.P.M., in Golden Girl Dance Troupe 2019 shows. He is national first-level performer, outstanding national music talent. After graduating from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Li Xiaobo's erhu performance is profound and exquisite. Both Chinese traditional music and world famous music are very musical and have a long-lasting charm. Li Xiaobo is the Music Art Director and Permanent Director of the Los Angeles Southern California Chinese Orchestra. 

 Erhu, also known as "Huqin", began in the Tang Dynasty and originated from a minority in the northern part of China. It is one of the main bowed instruments of the Chinese nation.

The performance of the erhu is very strong. There are lingering lingering, flying and jumping, and it is also suitable for expressing deep and mournful content, as well as depicting the magnificent mood.