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Community Concerts

Community Concerts offers a season of six chamber music concerts between October 2022 and April 2023. We invite you to share these events that feature internationally recognized artists in a variety of ensembles performing great works from the classical repertoire. For residents and their guests who love classical music at its finest, this season offers a unique opportunity to hear exceptional musicians at an exceptionally low price

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  • 949-454-0468  

To our Community Concerts members:
Given the explosion of Covid infections in the village, the Board will take the following steps due to our concerns for members’ safety:
• Wearing face masks is highly recommended for personal protection and in consideration of other members. n95 or kn95 masks are suggested.  We will provide masks for those who do not have them. Masks should not be removed once admitted to the PAC.
• Proof of double vaccination with Pfizer and Moderna or a single dose of the J&J vaccine will be required from all guests. Membership holders who have attended previous 2022 performances are exempt.
• Members are requested not to congregate in the lobbies but to proceed to their seats on entering the PAC.
• Proof of vaccination and membership cards should be readily on hand when approaching the admission stations.

Membership of the club permits attendance at all Concerts but does not cover reimbursement for canceled events. If the concert is canceled, we will make every effort to reschedule it. Residents may still purchase a membership to Community Concerts by sending in an application form downloaded under "DOCUMENTS" on this website, from a flyer in the clubhouses, or on-site at the PAC on the day of a performance. 

Questions?  Call either Co-President, Carol at 949-454-0468 or Evette at 206-304-0816.


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