Chinese Calligraphy Club - 書畫同源會

Chinese Calligraphy Club  (CCCLWV) is a non profit cultural organization at Laguna Woods Village for those people who are interested with Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, as well as relevant cultural arts.


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Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting originate from the same origin, such as, paintings' artistic views would be contained in the calligraphy, and the artistic ideas of calligraphy would be displayed in the paintings. Both Chinese Paintings and  Chinese Calligraphy are the artistic tools for inheriting Chinese culture. 

The Chinese Calligraphy Club (CCCLWV) is an organization registered in Laguna Woods Village, which provides Chinese and other ethnic residents with an opportunity to learn, discuss and exchange from each others about the Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting arts which have been over thousands' years . Besides been a social group for Chinese painting and calligraphy, the CCCLWV is also a place to talk about other relevant Chinese cultural arts as well as exchanging with other cultural arts. The work and tools (such as photography) that convey the integration of ancient Chinese paintings with Western modern arts, are also included in the studies within CCCLWV.



中國書法及國畫源起同宗, 所謂書中有畫的意境, 畫中有書的理念,書畫都是是華人承傳中華文化的工具。書畫同源會是登記在拉谷娜山莊的文化社團, 提供華人及其他族裔居民一個能學習並互相研討交流中國數千年的書法及國畫藝術的場合。也是中華書畫同好的社交團體。這亦是一個談論有關中華藝術和其他文化藝術交流的場所,傳達中國古代繪畫與西方現代藝術融合的工作和工具(例如攝影等等)也包含在會員們的探討中。



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