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Bahá’í World News Service, 5 January 2019

MACAU — A Baha’i-inspired international school in Macau is marking its 30th anniversary this academic year. School of the Nations has become an educational institution highly regarded for its academic rigor and its integrated approach to the moral and intellectual development of its students.

 “The school’s founders saw the need for an educational approach that develops students’ intellectual powers together with the moral and spiritual foundations that will guide them throughout life,” says Victor Ali, Executive Director of the Badi Foundation, the school’s parent organization.

 “The school had very humble beginnings. It started in an apartment. And there were more teachers than students,” adds Vivek Nair, the school’s director.

School of the Nations opened in 1988 with five students and seven teachers. It grew rapidly, attracting nearly 100 students in its second year and nearly 200 in its third year. Eventually, the Macau government donated land where a 7-story facility was opened in 2008. That new building includes a library that is also accessible to the public throughout the week.

 Today, School of the Nations has 600 students from kindergarten through high school and 100 teachers.

“We see ourselves as exploring what it means to be a Baha’i-inspired school,” adds Mr. Nair. Drawing inspiration on principles such as the harmony of science and religion, the oneness of humankind, and the independent investigation of truth, the school takes innovative approach that builds on sound educational approaches.