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Pickleball Club

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Outdoor Hours
Day Time
Monday 8 AM
Tuesday (Play and Social Hour) 3 PM
Wednesday 8 AM
Friday 8 AM
Indoor Hours
Day Hours
(Open Gym, 1st come 1st served)
 2 - 6 PM*
Tuesday (Courtesy VB Club)  2 - 5 PM
Wednesday 3 - 6 PM
Thursday 2- 7 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM
Sunday 8 - 11:00 AM

2.0 - 2.5 Round Robin Tournament

Mission Viejo is hosting a round robin Saturday, August 26 for 2.0 and 2.5 skill levels.  If any Laguna Woods 2.0 and 2.5 players are interested in playing call the Sierra Rec Center for information: 949-859-4348  x 3 or

Do you have an extra paddle?

As most of you know, Roy is giving lessons on Saturdays on the indoor courts from 10:00 to 11:00 AM.  Saturday (7/232/17) we had 23 people in the gym, the majority of them brand new players.  We had so many that we ran out of paddles for people to use. So we are sending out a request for anyone who has a paddle or two that they no longer use to loan to Roy for new players.  It would be greatly appreciated.  These would stay with Roy, not be given to the new players except to use during lessons.  We will give it back if you ever want it again. 

Clinics and Drill Sessions

Coach K (Michael Kishiyama) will be continuing his free LWV PB Club clinics and drill sessions. See the Event Calendar below for details.

Pickleball Club Event Calendar

Browse or Search the Club Calendar for Special Events, Tournaments, Clinics, etc.

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Laguna Woods Village Pickleball Club Tournaments

Our club sponsors several types of tournaments throughout the year. We have:

  • Outdoor 2nd Saturday Skill Level Tournaments
  • All skill level tournaments that are also social events and include lunch
  • Indoor tournaments

Most tournaments are round robin, but some require you to find a partner. All tournaments have skill level divisions so you will only play against similarly skilled participants.

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Photos and Videos

All Photos and Videos by Event

5/13/2017 3.0 and above Tournament

More Pickleball Club Info:

Club Dues

Pickleball Roster Count: 262 Players

LWV PB Group 2014 Village GamesClub membership is for Laguna Woods residents only. Dues are $15. Membership paid in October, November, or December of any calendar year is also good for the following full year. Membership forms are available at the indoor and outdoor courts. If you prefer, you may print a copy of the form by clicking on the link below:

LWV PB Membership Form (pdf)

Please State Skill Level on Brad's Boxes 

We want to encourage players to utilize the skill level indicator on Brad's boxes when signing up for a game. We have many novice players who want to play with others at their skill level; we don't want them to be intimidated by higher level players. This will also provide higher level players with more challenging games. The newer players can't be expected to know by name the player's skill level as some of us who have been playing a long time do.

Free Instructional Clinics (Laguna Woods Village Residents Only):


Roy Higa is giving lessons in the gym (next to the fitness center in CH 1) from

10:00 to 11:00 AM every Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (


Lonnie Kojima is giving free beginners' clinics the fourth Saturday of each month at 9 AM on the outside courts. YOU MUST CONTACT LONNIE IN ADVANCE TO LET HIM KNOW YOU WILL BE ATTENDING SO HE CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY ( The lessons are aimed at people who have never played pickleball before (or are at the IFP rating of 1.0 or 1.5.)

The lessons last about 90 minutes. They start with a quick overview of the rules of the game, followed by drills so you get used to hitting and serving the ball. There is plenty of time allotted to playing a few short games.

If you don't have a paddle you can borrow one from the Pro Shop located on the bottom floor of the Village Greens. Lonnie will have a limited number of loaner paddles at the courts.

For your safety, please wear tennis shoes. The courts are uneven and cracked in spots so you should never, ever run or walk backwards to get a ball. Lonnie will teach you is how to get yourself in position to hit the ball. 


Hours of Play:


The 4 outside pickleball/paddle tennis courts are located inside Gate 12, to the right of the Village Greens Golf Clubhouse, where you can borrow pickleball paddles and balls from the Pro Shop.

Outdoor Hours
Day Time
Monday 8 AM
Tuesday (Play and Social Hour) 3 PM
Wednesday 8 AM
Friday 8 AM

At all other times you can get a foursome together and play on any open court (although paddle tennis has a priority during their drop-in hours).

Outdoor Etiquette

We have new (July 2017) nets on the outdoor courts and to help keep them in good shape, everyone should know how to properly set them up.  Two people need to pick up the frame at mid point between the end of the frame and the center post.  Pick it up with the frame closest to you.  DO NOT pick it up with your arm over the net to grab the frame.  This forces the net to pop out the top at the center post.  Do not pick it up at the ends of the frame, this causes the frame to twist. Moving the nets in and out of place correctly with lengthen their life.  Thank you for you cooperation in this.

Court Cleanup

Please remember to cleanup your court if you are last to play on it.

  • Pickup all of the balls and place them in the holder provided at each court.
  • Place the net against an interior fence (away from sprinkler spray).
  • Nets can remain on the court on Tuesday evenings (PB  Club has Wednesday morning hours)

Sunday Play

Sunday had been set aside for folks to bring there own group of 4 to play.  Here's the protocol for Sunday mornings when there are more players than courts:  If you have your own foursome, you can play 2 games before you have to get off the courts and sign up again in Brad's boxes.  If you don't have a set foursome, you will need to use Brad's boxes to get into a game, but can then play 2 games with that foursome. 


The indoor courts are located next to Fitness Center in Clubhouse 1.  All indoor hours are open play for all skill levels.  Brad's boxes will be used to determine the level of play for any one game.  Please read and understand the rules of Brad's boxes.  There will be a copy of them in the "closet".

Indoor Hours
Day Hours
(Open Gym, 1st come 1st served)
 2 - 6 PM*
(Courtesy VB Club)
 2 - 5 PM
Wednesday 3 - 6 PM
Thursday 2- 7 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM
Sunday 8 - 11 AM

*The Emeritus class that usually has the hours of 2:00 to 4:00 on Mondays is out for the summer of 2017. Please take advantage of this time if you can.  Be sure to sign in!

The first hour 10:00 to 11:00, all courts will be used for teaching and novice play.  Roy Higa will teach beginners during this time, but they must contact him first to set it up: ( From 11:00 to 2:00 all courts are open play.

Paddles may be checked out in the Clubhouse 1 Fitness Center. Even though the Fitness Center is attached to the gym, you need to enter the Fitness Center through its front door which is around the corner. (The door from the gym to the Fitness Center does not open from the gym side.)

Indoor players:  do you know what happens when the side of the Velcro with the little hooks comes in contact with our nets???  It sticks to them making it a problem to unroll them, and since it's sticking to the net itself, we have to rip it off so it also ruins the nets.  So PLEASE, when you take the indoor nets down, before you roll them up, wrap each piece of Velcro around the post with the soft side out. There is one strip of black Velcro at the bottom of each pole.  It's not difficult and takes an extra 15 - 20 seconds.  Please be responsible for the nets being put away in a manner that won't cause them to wear out more quickly than they normally do.

Indoor News (July 2017):  We're trying something new on one court on Thursdays, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.  You can reserve the court, with your own foursome, for 30 minutes of continuous play.  This is limited to residents.  Please contact Roy to set up your "reserved" time with the names of the 4 players:  Roy will send you confirmation.  (trying is the operative word here)


Beginners Practice: 

We are encouraging beginners to come to the outside courts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 AM to play in games that are at a slower, casual pace.

If you know how to play but don't feel skilled or confident enough to play during our club drop-in hours and would like to get together to play with others at your same skill level, please contact Carol St Hilaire at She is compiling a list of like-minded players and will send out a message when she plans on going to the outside courts. She plays most weeks, usually Saturday or Sunday morning. In addition, you can use her email list to ask if there are others who would like to meet at the outside courts to play at a different time.


Club Logo Embroidered on Shirt:

The cost of embroidered logo is $9 plus tax. Contact The Shirt Cannery, 949-768-4102, 25270 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo.

Purchasing Paddles and Balls:

The Club has found a source for paddles. We purchased a dozen EngagePickleball Raven Paddles. They are available only to Club members at our cost - $25. If you want one contact Joan Brown. She also has yellow Pure2 outside balls for sale at $2.50 each. (Checks should be made out to the Club.) 

Also, if you decide instead to make a purchase from and enter code "CRLaguna", you will get a 5% discount and the club will get a gift card for 5%, too.

Name Tags:

Please contact RoseAnn Corigliano if you are interested in buying a name tag. Ro's contact information can be found on the club roster emailed to club members.

The three little dots above the badge are magnets to hold it on - no holes in clothing necessary.  No, it doesn't cost 25 cents. The quarter is there to show you the relative size. Actual cost is $8.

Help to Determine IFP Rating:

Pickleball Guru Flow Chart

Here is a flow chart from the Pickleball Guru's website that may help you figure out what your IFP rating should be.  (Thank you Joyce for finding it and telling us about it.)

Pickleball Guru IFP Rating Guide (pdf)

IFP (Int'l Federation of Pickleball) Rating System:

IFP (Int'l Federation of Pickleball) Rating System Descriptions


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