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Village Library

Welcome to the Village Library Club Website


The Village Library 2014

(view from Calle Aragon)

Calle Aragon next door to Clubhouse 1 Laguna Woods Village

(the building to the right as you pull into the Clubhouse 1 parking lot)


Village Library Coming Events


Open Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1.p.m.

Use this link to enter the library catalog anytime



Celebrating the

Winners of our inaugural

Village Authors 2013 Writing Contest

presented in conjunction with the 

Laguna Woods Writers Club


From left to right- Olive Warner (1st Place in "Non-Fiction"); Sandra Blair (2nd Place in "Non-Fiction" and 2nd Place in "Poetry"); Dennis Glauber-(3rd Place- "Non-Fiction"); Marilyn Otis (1st Place in "Fiction"); Helen Tan (2nd Place in "Fiction"); Dan Chasman (1st Place in "Poetry"). Not pictured- Donna Bevans (3rd Place "Fiction" and 3rd Place in "Poetry")

Read the winning entries in the library.




Laguna Woods Village Library




Thank You!





Library Welcomes Local Clubs

Village Library Board President Brenda Moore and the governing board announced a new program at the library recently, which encourages the dozens of our local clubs in this community to utilize the library for their purposes on a more regular basis.

Similar to the collaboration that the library’s sister organization in the same building, the Historical Society, enjoys in providing archival space for the clubs, the library will offer the comfort and convenience of its “newly renovated” environs of the last year to provide a place for the clubs to showcase their individual services to the community.

The program will look to particularly embrace the Writers Club and the community’s local authors to encourage others to realize their writing talents and publish their own book to join the many among our local residents who have already. Many are available at the library in our special “Local Authors” section.


The Lawn Bowling Club     Ceramic Slipcasting Club



   It was the RV Wheelers and the Clown Club

in Aug-Sept



        Needleworks Club in July                          Lawn Bowling got our
                                                                    "Club Spotlights" Rolling in June



Thanks for your co-operation

This is "trash dumping"

when we're not open.

Please bring all donations ONLY

during regular business hours


Check for other events soon


Use this link to enter the library catalog anytime


Library Enjoys Improvements

Since Renovation

(See "Before 2012..." article below for comparison)

Your Laguna Woods residents’ Village Library 

re-opened Friday morning, May 18th, 2012 to local fanfare and the participation of interested neighbor/patrons that included community notables from the GRF and United boards to county, city and PCM officials. The opening followed a four-month renovation of the facility that had been serving the community since 1976.

Library Board President Brenda Moore welcomed the public’s reaction as visitors admired the great new interior design. Embracing the technology of the new Millennium, President Moore and the library board recognized the need for the revitalization of the four-decades-old routine that had faithfully served the Village. The whole governing reason behind the near-$100K reconstruction, accomplished with the support and cooperation of PCM, was to more efficiently make the “club” more user-friendly, and even more hospitable, for anyone who decides to spend a relaxing afternoon in the comfort and “relative” quiet of their very own neighborhood literary getaway. 


Whether reading a magazine or a book, or donning headphones 
to listen to a book or song--- or your laptop connected by our new 
Wi-Fi service now available, you have more choices than ever! 


Meet a friend or make a new acquaintance with 
a challenging board or card game 
at one of the many tables in our spacious lounge area. 
Lend your hand to the jig-saw puzzle that’s 
usually evolving on one of the tables, as well. 

Browse through the newly expanded 
“New Arrivals,” “Bargain Buy,” and “Local Author” shelves. 
Enjoy the Village’s Art Association and Camera Club creations on the walls and 
the different collections each month loaned by residents for our 
display case inside the front door. 


The new catalog computer program and front counter area 
will smooth out the check-in and check-out processes as you pass through 
our new (and much-anticipated) automatic doors.
And now, you can even explore our catalog from your home
computer by using this link:

Our collection continues to grow so expect 
even more from your favorite genres among the 30,000 items 
you’ve contributed (and bought) with your patronage throughout the years. 


We’ve also simplified finding what you want, so when you navigate your way through all our Fiction and “Non,” the ever-popular Mysteries, the Over-size Art and Photography books, the books on CD and the music CDs, the great and still-growing DVD movie selection, the large print, the paperbacks and all the rest, including those jigsaw puzzles, you’ll find it all easier than ever. 

If you haven’t been in for a while, or you are already one of 
our regular 5,000 patrons using us each month, 
you’re in for a very pleasant surprise---
and it’s all yours...right around the corner!

Peace and serenity (and community) are here anytime you want it.

(Mondays-Fridays 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m./ Saturdays 10a.m. -1p.m.)
All you need is your Laguna Woods Resident’s I.D. card.
“Don’t Leave Home Without It!” 

Early Laguna Woods Village Library Director, 102 yr-old Irma Franklin, was particularly 
recognized during the re-opening, ribbon-cutting ceremony and interviewed by the press.

Sadly, dear Irma passed away at the age of 103 in September 2012.
Her influence on the success and growth of the residents'
Village Library over the years will be long-remembered
and gratefully appreciated.

Check here for future updates as they become available and 
be sure to watch Channel 6 and our weekly 
Laguna Woods Globe for the latest as it happens.


...And don't forget to return your items on time, please!


Our Nancy Lannon and Betty Tebbetts, among others, will dutifully remind you that the late fine is 25 cents per day per item...but of course they'll be happy to renew them for another two weeks if you call (except for DVDs and items already renewed.)

All photographs by T. Baker- Village Library unless noted otherwise.

(This website is always in transition. Thanks for your patience.) ----tb

Library President

 Patricia Hedrick


Are you comfortable with basic computer skills? Please consider joining our dozens of volunteers who have found that contributing a three-hour (or more) shift per week is a rewarding addition to their wonderful life here in our community.


Volunteer Application


Copies of this application are also always available on the front counter in the Village Library.


Laguna Woods Village Library

Originally sponsored in Leisure World by the Pan Hellenic National Sororities

Past Directors

Catherine Wright

Founder and First Director 1966-1982



Irma Franklin



Virginia Halley



Martin Harris



Shirley Lynn



Wally Henningsen



 Before 2012...

Our Laguna Woods Village Library began in 1965 as one room in Clubhouse 2 containing 1,000 donated books. It moved to our present location in 1976.

That "box of books" has evolved today into a valued entity that offers over 30,000 items to the residents of our unique community and remains one of its unexpected gems.

Treasured by many, it is a complete library that offers a wealth of selection, from those latest best-sellers to a vast assortment of additional "literary leisure."
And you'll find these amenities in surprising quantity.
From an impressive non-fiction collection, which includes hundreds of celebrity reminisces and biographies, to a complete selection of fiction that offers everything from romance to westerns, there's something for everyone.

The library’s large contingent of mystery-loving patrons never need to become sleuths themselves to discover the vast collection of the latest intrigue from the authors that provide the puzzling pondering that pleases so many.
(Speaking of puzzles, many new patrons are pleased to find a surprising collection of jig-saw puzzles also available for loan.)
The ever-popular paperback section offers a comprehensive choice of every “genre” in those more conveniently sized books for our patrons “on the go.”

Many of the library’s books are also available in large print.


In addition, the library now offers hundreds of new and classic movies and programs on DVD to compliment the video cassette collection that has proven so popular over the years. It's always included a good choice of children's movies to help Village grandparents better accommodate the visiting "apples of their eyes."

Patrons continue to increasingly appreciate our impressive, growing hundreds of CDs (compact discs) of recorded music that now include some of the greatest and most popular music ever made--- and some of the most obscure!


With plenty of room now to browse through many of the latest magazines and periodicals and a great over-size book collection of art books and other “coffee table” fare, you can just sit and relax in our easy chairs anytime. Enjoy the reading-friendly atmosphere developed by the many resident volunteers on duty throughout each week.

Take notice of the wonderful art and photography gracing the library walls courtesy every month of the talented artists of the Laguna Woods Art Association and Camera Club, respectively.

Don't miss another highlight of the library's growing numbers, our proud "Village Authors" collection of books available that have been published by our own local Laguna Woods neighbors.

All you need is your Laguna Woods resident I.D. card to borrow “a few of everything” for two weeks with extensions available when necessary.

Be sure to catch the unique patron collections of assorted memorabilia showcased in the lobby’s glass display case each month, and check out the great “Bargain Buy” bookshelves that offer hardly used, newer books for you to keep for the price of a small donation.  

It's all part of the many ways we at your Laguna Woods Village Library strive to show our appreciation to our neighbors for their continuing donations and their most valued patronage. 

Come in and visit with some of our near-100 volunteers. 

Or better yet, join us---we can always use more computer-savvy help, especially now in this new age of advancing technology available to all of us.
Either way, we look forward to seeing you.

We’re open from:
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.

---- ph









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