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Resale, Lender Information

Lender, Resale, and Leasing Information

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To assist lenders, agents representing residents and our residents, please click on the appropriate selection below for information and documents to assist you.

-Lease Information includes lease permit packages.

-Real Estate Signage includes Laguna Woods Village real estate signage rules and regulations and an example.

-Lender Information includes escrow demand and homeowner association certification documents (including governing documents).

-Resale Information includes:

  • Resale application packages;
  • Fees associated with the transfer of property;
  • General resale information;
  • Financial requirement information;

•   United Laguna Woods Mutual – Financial Requirements
•   Third Laguna Hills Mutual – Financial Requirements
•   Mutual No. Fifty – Financial Requirements

-Information for Insurers includes annual insurance disclosures and policy summaries.

Lease Information
Real Estate Signage
Lender Information (Escrow Demand Documents)
Resale Information
Information for Insurers