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Golf Course Maintenance

What happens to the grass color in the winter time? Why is it not dark green like the golf courses in the desert?

Why are there no lights at the Driving Range?

To avoid noise and disruption of the players, could maintenance of the course be performed at night?

Some areas of the golf course seem to stay wet, impacting playing conditions; what is being done about this?

The cartpath on Hole #9 of the Third Nine is the only unpaved cartpath, are there any plans to pave it?

Why do the greens on the Third Nine putt differently than greens 1 through 18?

Approach shots do not bounce/roll up onto the greens, why is that? What can be done to improve these conditions?

Why can't the first tee-time be at first light / 6:30 a.m.?

Why are playing times delayed for frost?

Why can't the collars be mowed at a lower height of cut?

It seems as if a disproportionate amount of mowing and maintenance activities happen on Ladies Day (Tuesday), is that true and why can't those activities be done on a different day?

Why are the bunkers wet in the summer time?

Why aren't the greens mowed on Sundays?

Why aren't the greens walk-mowed every day?