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Pest Control

Why doesn’t the Pest Control Department spray for ‘indoor’ bugs, (silverfish, cockroaches, etc.)?

What kinds of chemicals are used on the lawns, shrubs and trees throughout the community?

Why isn't flea control part of the Pest Control Department's service level?

What is the policy for rat control?

Are the pesticides used safe for people and pets? How long after the application should one wait before entering a treated area such as a lawn?

What is being done to control mosquitoes?

What is being done about the rabbits?

For rats, why not use traps rather than bait?

What types of traps are used for rodents?

What kind of bait is used for rodent control?

Why are some trees being injected rather than sprayed for pests?

Why doesn't someone call before pesticides are applied to the landscape?

Why do the spray technicians wear respirators?

There are many non-toxic methods for dealing with pests, so why are pesticides used?

What type(s) of landscape pest control is provided for in the service level established by the Board of Directors?