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Volleyball Club

Laguna Woods Village Volleyball Club

Volleyball Team Play The Laguna Woods Village Volleyball Club strives to provide a competitive, safe and fun environment for volleyball enthusiasts here in the Village through proper volleyball techniques, correct player positioning and respect for your fellow competitors.  The Volleyball Club does not have dues, nor is there a charge for playing.Click on the link above or the "more" button below for more information.


Full Schedule as of February 1 2016.




  Monday   6:00-9:30 PM  Advanced and
  Tuesday   2:00-5:00 PM  Advanced
  Wednesday   6:00-9:30 PM  Intermediate
  Thursday   None Scheduled   -------------
  Friday   2:00-6:30 PM  Advanced
  Saturday   2:00-6:30 PM  Intermediate
  Sunday   2:00-6:00 PM  Advanced

*Play is at the Advanced level, but Intermediate players who want to improve their skills are encouraged to attend

Volleyball Club By-Laws

Laguna Woods Volleyball Club By-Laws

2016 Volleyball Village Games

Intermediate Level - Wednesday April 13, 2016 at 5:50 PM (Results Posted)

Advanced Level - Monday April 18, 2016 at 5:50 PM (Results Posted)

2015 LW Village Games

2015 Laguna Woods Village Games Photos


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