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Transfers - Change of Ownership Form
A membership transfer refers to changing the title of ownership of a manor. The Board of Directors of the respective mutual must approve all changes to the corporate membership. Reasons for completing a transfer/change of ownership are: (1) the death of an owner, (2) to delete an owner, (3) to establish a living trust, (4) to add an owner for estate planning purposes, (5) to delete a deceased owner and add the new owner (inheritance), or (6) a name change. To make a transfer appointment please print and fill out the attached form - click here  and contact, please call a Transfer/Estate Administrative Specialist at (949) 597-4225.

EZ Pay - Assessment Payment Program
Click here for an overview of the EZ Pay - Assessment Payment Program
Click here to access the EZ Pay Form

Guest Pass Application & Non-Resident Owner Application
The Guest Pass Applications and Non-Resident Owner Applications are available at all Clubhouses, the Towers, the Laguna Woods Village Library, and at the Community Center. Online applications are available by clicking below: 

Guest Pass Application

Non Resident Owner Application

Read on for more details and contact information...

Reimbursement Forms


Qualified Items: Reimbursement Procedures

Qualified Items: Reimbursement Request Form

Qualified Items: Proof of Cash Payment Reimbursement Form

Annual Business Pass Application
Current Annual Business Passes Expire January 7, 2011. Please complete the business pass application and submit it with a self-addressed business-sized stamped envelope before November 30, 2010. Business Pass applications not received by November 30 may not be processed in time to meet the January 7 expiration date. Community Access will begin mailing the 2012 passes the week of December 19, 2010. Applications will be processed in the order received.

Annual Business Pass Application Form

Keep reading for instructions for filling out the business pass application.

Emergency Notification Form

In the event of an emergency or catastrophic illness, the Emergency Notification Record form has been created to provide important information to the Laguna Woods Village Security Division.  It is highly recommended that new residents complete the form as soon as possible and mail it to:  Security Division, P.O. Box 2220, Laguna Woods, CA 92654.  If your contact information changes, residents should update the form and provide the updated information to the Security Division. To download a PDF version of this form, click here.

Community Access Gate Clearance Form
Click here to download the Community Access Gate Clearance Form.

Community Access Flyer Template
Gate Clearance Flyer with Tear Off Template (Word)
Note:  Pre approval using the Gate Clearance Form is still required.  
Call Community Access at (949) 597-4443 for more information.

Mutual Landscape Request Form

Per the policy of your Mutual, if your request falls outside the scope of the managing agent’s authority, it will be forwarded to the Landscape Committee for their review. If you are unsure whether your request falls into this category, first please contact your area’s landscape supervisor through Property Services at 597-4600 in order to make that determination. If this is the case, then first you will receive a written confirmation acknowledging receipt of your request with an explanation of the review process. Once reviewed by the Committee, a recommendation will be made to the Board of Directors for action. You will then be notified of the Board’s decision. Please be patient as this process can take from a few weeks to a month or longer.

Click here to download the Mutual Landscape Request Form.

Service Records Request Form

This form is for requesting the service records for your manor.  It is not for requesting the financial records related to your Homeowners Association fees. That form is below this one.

Click here for the Service Records Request Form

Records Request Form

You can make a request for financial records related to my Homeowners association fees by filling out the attached form and delivering it in person the Community Center reception desk or by mailing it to: Laguna Woods Village Records Request, P.O. Box 2220, Laguna Hills, CA 92654.

California Civil Code Section 5200, as revised and effective as of January 1, 2014, provides for the inspection of accounting books and records and minutes of corporation proceedings. Association records prepared for the current year that are provided for under Civil Code Section 5200 will be made available to you within ten (10) business days of the date of your request. Association records prepared for the two previous years that are provided for under Civil Code Section 5200 will be made available to you within thirty (30) days of the date of your request.

Mail or deliver to: Laguna Woods Village Community Center, Attn: General Manager – Records Request, 24351 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.

Estate Sale Procedures

In order to hold an estate or casual sale here at the Village a resident or authorized agent must fill out the Estate Sale Form and adhere to certain procedures. Copies of the Estate Sale Form and a copy of the procedures can be obtained by clicking below:

Click here for the Estate Sale Form

Click here for a copy of the Estate Sale Procedures

Homeowners and Renters Assistance Program Booklets Available
The Homeowners and Renters Assistance Program is a State program, administered by the Franchise Tax Board. It provides a once-a-year payment to homeowners and renters whose gross income qualifies based on current standards. To qualify, the claimant must be 62 or older, or legally blind, or medically certified as disabled. For homeowners, the payment is based on a percentage of the property tax bill. Claim forms, instructions, and frequently asked questions are available on the State of California website or click arrows for more particulars.