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United Mutual

United Laguna Woods Mutual

United Laguna Woods Mutual includes:

Cooperative: 6,323 memberships
A non-profit cooperative housing corporation which owns and manages all real property within the original 21 cooperative mutuals.

Election: Annually, in October, the Board of Directors is elected to serve staggered three-year terms.

Click here for the Election Schedule 2014.

Cooperative: (United Laguna Woods Mutual) In a cooperative, shareholders are members of a corporation which owns all real property, including the dwelling units, carports, and laundry facilities within the mutual's boundaries, and each member is entitled to occupy a specific dwelling unit under the terms of an occupancy agreement. 

A board of directors, elected by its members, governs affairs of the cooperative mutual. The members pay monthly assessments which are based on property taxes, maintenance, and other operating expenses as determined by the board of directors of the mutual.

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