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Get on Board the Easy Rider!

The Village’s new Easy Rider Bus System has launched!  After months of committee meetings, workshops and one-on-one meetings with bus riders to explain the new and improved system, we are proud to get you to your destination on time and safe and sound.   With the new program there are fewer transfers, and the buses run right through your neighborhood.  But, even with all the advanced planning, we realize some of you may on occasion miss a bus or have questions about where or when to catch a bus, if so, please call us at 949-597-4659, and we will get you where you need to go.  If you aren’t an Easy Rider yet, we hope you will hop on a bus soon.

Download an electronic copy of the Easy Rider Transportation Resource Guide, or visit for more information.

United's Deal with the Sun is Ahead of Schedule!

United’s “Deal with the Sun” and contract with JCI for the installation of solar panels is ahead of schedule! The board approved the contract in September with a completion date of March 31, 2017. The solar panels on carport roofs in eight cul-de-sacs are already installed.  This means that all residents may resume parking in their assigned carport. You will still see JCI staff around working on electrical connection to the solar panels, which will occur between now and Christmas. This work will not impact parking in carports. The water heater upgrades in laundry rooms is expected to be completed in two weeks. The last piece of the contract is installation of the electrical panels in laundry rooms, which is expected before the final completion date. There will be periodic closures of laundry rooms, and notices will be posted the day before.

Third Appoints New Director; Additional Vacancies to be Filled

At its November 15 Board Meeting, Third appointed Annette Sabol Soule to serve on the board. The vacancy filled by Annette was as a result of the resignation of Director Jim Matson. Annette's term will expire in October 2017. Welcome aboard, Annette!

Due to the resignations of Directors David Finley and Joseph Camera for health and family reasons, Third Laguna Hills Mutual is accepting applications for qualified candidates willing to serve on the Third Mutual Board of Directors. The first term will expire in 2018, and the second term will expire in 2019.

This is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on your community.  To apply, visit the General Manager’s Office in the Community Center to obtain an application and specific instructions on the election process. Return the completed application to Corporate Secretary, Kim Taylor, in the General Manager’s office no later than noon on Friday, December 9, 2016.

The appointments to fill the two open positions will be held at Third Mutual’s regular board meeting on December 20, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Center Board Room. Please call 949-597-4262 for more information.

Monthly Steak Dinner Moving to Clubhouse 2

The Recreation Division’s monthly Steak Dinner has been relocated to Clubhouse 2 and will be held on the first Tuesday of each month in the new year. Tickets are on sale now at the Clubhouse 2 office for the upcoming dinner to be held on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.  The dinner includes a New York steak, scalloped potatoes, a vegetable medley, salad, and dessert. Coffee, hot tea and table wine are provided free of charge. The dinner is catered by Jolanda.

Tickets are $18.00 per person. Reservations are required and tables of eight are available to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or special occasion. Seats are limited and available while supplies last. The last day to purchase tickets or receive a refund is before noon on the day prior to the dinner. Tickets will not be sold at the door or on the day of the event. Limit of no more than 8 tickets can be sold, per manor. Takeout food is not permitted.

Diners needing a bus home from the Dinner must make a reservation with the Transportation Department.  B-Bus reservations are accepted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m..  Please call 597-4659.

For further information about the dinner, please call 597- 4286.

Recreation events are limited to Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests.

'Tis the Season by the Old Pros will air on TV6

The Old Pros for ‘Tis the Season, a celebration of the holiday spirit, was performed on December 4 at the Performing Arts Center (formerly Clubhouse 3).

Featuring well-known performers, Brett Halsey and Barbara Rush, ‘Tis the Season is a multimedia presentation that shines the light of the season uniting all holidays. The performance includes dramatizations, stories, music, poetry, prose, songs, humor, visuals and shared memories. Music was performed by Daniel Lawlor and the LA Brass Quartet.

'Tis the Season by the Old Pros will air on TV6 on the following dates:

Saturday, December 17th at 4:00 p.m.
Thursday, December 22nd at 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, December 24th at 5:30 p.m.
Sunday, December 25th at 6:00 p.m.
Monday, December 26th at 4:30 p.m.

Laguna Woods Village Seeking Members for Select Audit Task Force

Laguna Woods Village is seeking individuals to serve as volunteers on the Select Audit Task Force (SATF).  The SATF is comprised of three member residents who are not currently directors, representing each of the three corporations (GRF, United, and Third), and the GRF Treasurer serving as an at-large member. The project will last up to three months, and will require a commitment of approximately eight meetings running approximately two hours each, in addition to some personal study time to review the financials and audit report.

GRF and United currently have openings on the SATF. The SATF serves as liaison between the Finance Committees of the Laguna Woods Village Corporations and the independent auditors in connection with the annual audit of the financial statements of the corporations, reviews reports from the auditors, and recommends any appropriate action in connection therewith.

Residents with significant accounting and/or corporate financial experience may submit a resume to the CEO’s office by noon on Monday, November 28. All resumes will be forwarded to their respective board (GRF/United) for review. Each board will hold a special meeting to select their representative.

Questions, please call the CEO’s Office at 949-597-4265.

Third Appoints Marcy Sheinwold to VMS Board

On Friday, November 11, 2016, the Third Mutual Board elected Marcy Sheinwold to be a Director on the Village Management Services, Inc. (VMS) Board. Ms. Sheinwold replaces Steve Parsons who has just been elected to the Third Mutual Board. She will serve until December 2018.

Ms. Sheinwold holds degrees in Law and Health Services Administration, and has been a very active resident of the Village. She currently is President of the Laguna Woods Village Foundation and serves on the Boards of the Bridge and Film Clubs as well as the Reform Temple. During her career, she held a number of important local government positions in Nassau-Suffolk counties in New York and worked for several law firms specializing in health related cases.

Pardon our Dust! Work on Downstairs Fitness Center Commences Nov. 10

Construction on the new Community Center first-floor fitness center will begin on Thursday, November 10.

Please be aware that during the demo and relocation, there will be noise and dust, and certain areas will no longer be accessible. The corridor and exit door beyond the mailroom will be permanently blocked beginning November 9. The upstairs fitness center will remain open until the end of January; downtime will be about two weeks.

We appreciate your patience as we get ready to move the fitness center to its new and improved first floor location. We anticipate the new first-floor fitness center will open in mid-February. In the meantime, fitness buffs can use the Clubhouse 1 fitness center and the new, unstaffed Clubhouse 5 fitness center, opening at the end of November.

New Tennis Instructor Chang Kyu Bae

Have you ever wanted to learn tennis or wish to better your game? Experience a new approach: beginners, intermediate and advance players welcome to learn with Chang Kyu Bae, an USPTA Professional, Korea National Junior’s and Women’s Team Coach, Federation Cup Team Coach, Barcelona Olympic Team Coach and International Tennis Federation Umpire


  • Four (1 hour) Group Lessons: $80 Per Person
  • One (1 hour) Private Lesson: $80 Per Lesson

Lesson dates and times are coordinated with the instructor.

Pre-registration required in the Recreation Division office or the Clubhouse 7 office. Laguna Woods Village residents only.

Questions?  Call 949-597-4273

Monthly Set Top Box Rental Fee Restructure Elimination of the Digital Deluxe Fee

Effective January 7, 2017, the New Fee Structure for the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) can be found by clicking here.

The Digital Deluxe $7.25/monthly Fee is no more!

The new fee structure was authorized by the GRF Board of Directors on October 4, 2016. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed by attending the GRF Media and Communications Committee meeting, scheduled for November 14, December 12 and January 9 at 1:30 p.m., in the Laguna Woods Village Community Center, Board Room. Alternatively, you can write to the Committee at P.O Box 2220, Laguna Hills, CA 92654.

Note:Committee meeting dates are subject to change.

GRF Election Results

On November 8, the Corporate Members met and elected Diane Phelps, Joan Milliman, Richard Palmer, and Ray Gros to the GRF Board. Thank you to retiring directors John Luebbe and Mary Stone!


United Makes a Deal with the Sun

Over the next few months, solar panels will be installed on 30 carports in United. These panels will capture solar energy and offset the Mutual’s electric demands, thereby saving the community money while helping the environment.

Click here for this week's schedule affecting carports 417-422 in CDS 10 and carports 396-404 in CDS 24.

Click here for the complete schedule of temporary closures of carports and laundry rooms

Installation of Solar Panels at Garden Villas in Third

As part of Third’s “Bettering the Community” efforts, solar installation has begun on twelve Garden Villa buildings.

The program involves the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on 12 Garden Villa rooftops. These panels will generate power through solar energy, offsetting Third mutual energy demands, thereby saving the community money while helping the environment. Through a Power Purchase Agreement with CARE Funding, Third Mutual can take advantage of tax credits that would otherwise not be available.

Installation is set to began Sept. 15, 2016, and will be complete by Dec. 31, 2016.

Click here for this week's update for Buildings 3242, 3243, 3420, 5372, and 5510.

Click here for an elevator notice affecting Buildings 2393 and 2397 Nov 22

Click here for an elevator notice affecting Buildings 2399 and 2400 Nov 28

The Results are In!

Village Residents,
A few weeks ago, I asked you to participate in a survey to help us improve TV6.
The response was outstanding: over 1,100 of you filled out the survey. I am happy to share the results with you.

The first question asked, “Do you watch Channel 6 regularly?” Over 71% of you answered “no.”

The survey questions were different for those who selected “yes” and those who selected “no.”

Click here to view the survey data from those who responded “yes”

Click here to view the survey data from those who responded “no”

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help make TV6 a channel you enjoy watching.

Brad Hudson

CEO, Laguna Woods Village

United Mutual Appoints Steve Leonard to fill Director Vacancy

Steve Leonard was appointed by an 8-2 vote Tuesday to the United Mutual board for a term ending in 2018. Leonard replaced Tom Sirkel, who resigned from United last month to fill a vacancy on the GRF board.

Help the Village Take a Crack at Sidewalk Deterioration

There are over 50 miles of concrete sidewalks in Laguna Woods Village, and while the majority of sidewalks are in a good state of repair, the number of parkway trees, soil conditions, and other factors contribute to deterioration. This manifests as cracked slabs, uplifted sections, differential settlement, and depressions which can hold irrigation water. VMS staff continuously inspects these very important elements of roadways, and strives to maintain infrastructure in good repair. However, at times one of these conditions may be overlooked and staff receives communication from concerned residents pointing out the deficiencies. To expedite the repairs of these parkway locations, residents are encouraged to call Resident Services at 949-597-4600, who will route the call to the appropriate department for timely service.

Building a Heart Safe Community

The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) is dedicated to building a Heart Safe Community, and has developed the Laguna Woods Village Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program. There are now 24 strategically placed AED’s throughout the community, located in Clubhouses, golf course, recreation areas and the Community Center. Village Management Services, Inc. is currently training all of its employees in the most current American Heart Association standards in CPR/AED and First Aid.

Conducting Business in Your Manor

The City of Laguna Woods Municipal Code regulates a business conducted in a manor for the purpose of ensuring that there are no negative impacts on the neighbors.

When applying to conduct a business in your manor you should keep in mind that:

  • Your home should remain a home/dwelling and not be changed by the business being conducted.
  • Your business should not have employees working at the manor.
  • Business should be conducted only inside the manor and should not operate outdoors, including garage (whether attached or detached), patio, balcony or carport.
  • No signs or evidence of a business should be posted.
  • Only one room of the dwelling unit or 25 percent of the gross floor area (whichever is less) should be used for the business.
  • The business should not produce hazardous, combustible, chemicals or other materials that are dangerous.
  • Tools and equipment used in the business should not create smoke dust, noise, odors, or vibration beyond that typically found in a manor.

Keep reading for a list of many businesses not allowed in a manor.

Exciting News from Broadband Services

Broadband Services is excited to announce that support is now available on Saturdays!

If you experience problems with your Broadband Cable service, you can now call the customer service line, 949- 837-2670, on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for assistance and scheduling.

Broadband Services is also excited to announce Friday Movies on Channel 6. By popular demand, Channel 6 has expanded its movie offerings to two days per week. The Friday movies for August and September include: A Walk to Remember, A Hologram for the King, The Jungle Book, Louder than Bombs, Money Monster, and Captain America: Civil War. Friday movies air at 7:00 p.m. on Channel 6. Monday movies will continue as well; check the TV6 guide for movies and airtimes.

Village Welcomes New Recreation and Special Events Director, Brian Gruner

Laguna Woods Village is happy to announce the addition of Brain Gruner to the executive team as Recreation and Special Events Director! Brian comes to the Village with a wealth of recreational experience, most recently holding the position of Community Services Supervisor at the City of Mission Viejo. He managed four exceptional recreation, aquatics and tennis facilities with over 25,000 users a month. Brain has directly produced annual special events and has connections with local performing arts groups and recreation class instructors.

Brian has excellent communication, supervisory, employee and interdepartmental relations, customer service, and budget control skills. Welcome, Brian!

Just in time for Brian’s arrival, the Recreation Office in the Community Center is getting new digs.  Staff is vacating the office near the back door in order to make room for the new fitness center.  Look for Brian and his staff in the previous Globe offices. The move will take place before the end of September.

Recreation Classes Punch Cards

Prepaid punch cards for Recreation Division classes are now available for purchase at the clubhouse office where the class meets Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Class punch cards may be purchased with a major credit card or check payable to GRF. Multiple cards may be purchased at one time. Recreation Division classes are for Laguna Woods Village residents only; please be prepared to show your resident ID card when making a purchase.

Clubhouse 1 - Ballroom with Ed Van Ornum, Ballroom with Candi Davis, Flexibility Training with Brittany Kelley

Clubhouse 2 (after reopening) - Line Dancing with Doug Houston, Zumba with Mia Alicea

Performing Arts Center - Tap Dance with Letty Smyth, Belly Dancing with Jheri St. James

Clubhouse 5 - Ballroom with Candi Davis, Line Dancing with Doug Houston (during CH2 renovations only)

Clubhouse 6 - Piloxing with Rachel Gibson, Zumba with Mia Alicea

Clubhouse 7 - Tennis with John Prickitt

The Recreation Division office, located inside the Community Center will continue to sell all prepaid class cards. Call 949-597-4273 for more information.

Kitchen Fee For Residents or Clubs

During the April 5, 2016 GRF Board Meeting, a resolution was passed regarding a kitchen fee for residents or clubs.

A $25 kitchen fee will be charged when major appliances in the kitchen are used for meal preparation/service while renting a small dining room. The small dining rooms include Clubhouses 1 and 2 Dining Rooms and Clubhouse 6 Main Lounge.

A $50 kitchen fee will be charged when major appliances in the kitchen are used for meal preparation/service while renting a large dining room or a Main Lounge. The large dining rooms include the Clubhouse 3 Dining Rooms, and Main Lounges in Clubhouses 1, 2, 5, and 7.

Major appliances include the stovetop, oven, dishwasher, propane BBQ, and pantry access (dishes, flatware).

The use of the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and or coffee urns ONLY will not result in a charge.

This kitchen fee does not apply when a GRF approved caterer is providing service to group; the caterer pays a separate fee.

This fee will be collected by Clubhouse Staff when arranging for setup needs and check should be made payable to GRF.

Art, Art, Everywhere!

The Laguna Woods Art Association has kindly loaned club members’ art work which is displayed at the Community Center. Nearly 80 artists competed to showcase their art and the finalists were chosen by a panel of six Art Association members and three VMS staff. Stop by and take a self-guided tour.



Get Connected Phone List

Click here for a list of phone numbers helpful to new and existing residents.




United Residents Asked to Cast Their Vote for Vinyl Flooring

United residents, cast your vote for your favorite vinyl flooring now through August 15!  

When the votes are tallied, the six most popular will be kept on hand in the Maintenance Department for swift installation at resale or when a floor qualifies for replacement. Other vinyl flooring options will still be available; however, residents who chose vinyl flooring not in stock will have to wait until the flooring is ordered and delivered before installation.

Vinyl flooring samples and voting slips are available in the Resident Services area of the Community Center for your convenience. Please stop by and cast your vote today!

Lost and Found List Now on Village Website

If you have lost an item in the Village, please click here to see a list of recently found items.  If you see your item on the list, you may call 949-597-4435 or email  You will receive a response within 24 hours.



Resident Volunteer Opportunity

Be a volunteer. Bring companionship to your neighbors. If you have two free hours each month to visit, consider being a Friendly Visitor. The Social Services Department is recruiting men and women for its Friendly Visitor Program. Required training classes are planned for two Tuesdays in September. For more information, please call Dawn Hibbs, volunteer coordinator, at 949-597-4376.

Missing Your Trash Can?

As you may know, the Village is now using Waste Management for trash service.  It has come to our attention that some residents are without a trash can since our previous trash provider, WARE, is picking up their trash cans but Waste Management hasn't delivered some of the new ones yet.

If you not yet received your new trash can from Waste Management, please call them at 714-558-7761 and they will deliver one to you.  You may also make this request on their website at

Q&A with Broadband Services Director Russ Ridgeway

The Broadband Services Division at Laguna Woods Village provides quality cable television and high-speed internet services to the Community. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the cable lineup reflects the demands of the resident viewers at a price that is affordable.

Russ Ridgeway, Broadband Services Director, explains how he and his staff accomplish this goal on the behalf of GRF, and answers some frequently asked questions, in the following Q&A:

Where does GRF get the television programming that it offers to the residents of Laguna Woods Village?

GRF has contracts with each cable TV programming provider. That means since there are hundreds of channels on the cable system, there are hundreds of contracts that must be negotiated and complied with. GRF either negotiates directly with a provider or joins into a universal contract that has been negotiated by the National Cable TV Cooperative (NCTC), which represents hundreds of small cable companies, including GRF. By joining together the members have much more bargaining power than if each acted independently.

Fortunately, programming agreements are usually multi-year contracts so not every contract is negotiated each year.

Third Mutual to take Proactive Measures for Outdoor Water Conservation

Due to the ongoing drought conditions affecting Southern California, El Toro Water District is now applying a drought penalty to Tier 3 and 4 irrigation water as of August 1, 2015.

Because of the new ETWD water budget formula, Third Mutual’s high tier water bill jumped from previously less than $3,000 to nearly $60,000 in August 2015, and to over $10,000 in September 2015. Third Mutual is currently protesting these charges.

Recycled water is not subject to tiered pricing as potable water is, and in Third Mutual, approximately 125 out of 273 irrigation water meters have been converted to recycled water. The majority of non-recycled irrigation water meters remaining are in the Gates 9, 11, and 14 areas. Third is looking closely at ways of reducing outdoor water usage in these areas.

Keep reading...

Town Hall Meetings, Board Updates, and More Available on the Village YouTube Channel!

Did you know? Laguna Woods Village has a YouTube channel! There you will find an abundance of informative Community videos, including weekly Board updates, Multi-Boards Town Hall Meetings, Meet the Candidates meetings, and so much more!

Check out the Village YouTube Channel by clicking here:

How to Report Water Waste

If you witness water waste, here’s how to report it

Many of us have witnessed water abuse: flooded sidewalks, running hoses, broken water lines, sprinklers running on rainy days. In the middle of a drought, that’s painful to watch and no longer acceptable.

El Toro Water District – which serves Laguna Woods and surrounding communities – would like your help. If you see water waste, talk to your neighbors. Or inform El Toro Water District of the problem. Here’s how:

  • Go to and click on the yellow bar that says “Send a Report.”  (It’s near the bottom of the home page.)
  • Or call El Toro Water District Customer Service at 949.837.0660 during business hours.

It is not necessary to contact Village Management Services, Inc. or Laguna Woods officials.

Construction Noise Permitted only During Approved Hours in Laguna Woods Village

In the interest of protecting the quiet enjoyment of each residents’ manor in Laguna Woods Village, Third Laguna Hills Mutual (Third) and United Laguna Woods Mutual (United) have adopted hours that construction work may take place in the community.

The approved hours for construction work differ between Third and United Mutual:

In Third Mutual, no construction work for or by the residents shall commence prior to 7:00 a.m. and no work shall be permitted after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Work on Saturday shall be permitted from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for work that results in construction-related noise (e.g. cutting tile, hammering, use of power tools). For work that does not result in excessive noise, such as painting and carpet installation, permitted Saturday hours are 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. No work whatsoever shall be permitted on Sunday.

In United Mutual, work may be performed on Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No work whatsoever shall be permitted on Saturday or Sunday.

Contractors performing emergency work at the direction of the Boards and the managing agent are exempt from the time and noise restrictions listed above.

If construction work by or for a resident takes place outside of these defined hours, the resident may be held responsible for the nuisance, which may include disciplinary action or a fine.

Community Project Updates

The Village boards and managing agent strive to maintain a beautiful and sound community, so there are always multiple maintenance and landscaping projects going on in Laguna Woods Village! Click through for brief updates on many ongoing maintenance and landscape projects in and around the community.

VMS Wants You on Their Team!

Village Management Services, Inc. (VMS) is seeking part-time resident employees to help in the areas of professional writing and compliance.

Previous experience as a professional writer, in public relations or marketing; or law enforcement or code enforcement are desirable.

Provide a resume to Dolores Lopez at to apply, or call 949-597-4438 for more information.


Introducing the Thrive Project

How Do You Thrive? Laguna Woods Village wants to know!

Laguna Woods Village has created an online community to showcase the many ways that residents are enjoying life and thriving at Laguna Woods Village. With hundreds of clubs and an array of activities, Laguna Woods Village wants to show the world what we are all about!

The Thrive Project is a collaborative online project created for the residents, by the residents. Residents are invited to use their smart phone, video camera, or still camera to capture special moments when they are thriving and upload them to for others to see. Share how you celebrate life: this destination is all about your experiences. Show the world what brings you joy!

Visit now to see how your neighbors are thriving and to learn more!

Easy Rider Bus System to Launch December 1

The transportation improvement plan is getting ready to roll! The existing 11 weekday fixed bus routes will be merged into eight new-and-improved fixed routes beginning December 1.

Check your mailbox for the official Village transportation magazine, "The Easy Rider," the official resource guide for the bus system. The Easy Rider will contain complete information on the bus system, including the new route maps, schedules, explanations on how to use the system, contact information, local transportation options, and other useful articles on transportation. "The Easy Rider" will be delivered to each manor in the Village in mid-November.

Questions? Call the Transportation Division at 949-597-4659 or email

Avoid the Scams!

By Laguna Woods Village Security Director Tim Moy

Over the course of my law enforcement career, I had the opportunity to directly supervise or manage multiple investigative teams. One such assignment was the Economic Crimes Detail where I witnessed firsthand the shameless criminal enterprises that target our elderly communities. I was well aware of the frauds, scams and other forms of theft aimed indiscriminately at various demographics across our county, however, what was most appalling was the directed attack against our seniors.

Even with laws in place designed specifically to protect our senior citizens, financial elder abuse continues to be a growing problem within our society. Sadly, criminals who make a living stealing from others have no moral compass and will not hesitate to swindle the hard-earned life savings of unsuspecting victims, especially seniors. As you know, most criminals are opportunistic in nature and will prey upon those who offer the greatest return at the lowest risk of being identified and/or prosecuted. Unfortunately, in many cases, seniors fall within this group and potentially make ideal targets.

Despite ongoing efforts to educate our communities on the most current scams, many will still become victims. Although some forms of theft are difficult to avoid, staying informed and vigilant are the first steps to identifying and preventing a potential scam.

Keep reading for a few of the more common financial scams occurring within our region...