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What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a system that allows a user to get automatic updates from web sites whenever new content or news is published on these sites. It acts like a personal web reader by checking your selected sites regularly for new content. If you set up an RSS feed from the Orange County Register Sports Section for example, you will be notified (through an RSS reader) whenever a new article is posted. The same thing will happen if you subscribe to one or more of the Laugna Woods Village  RSS feeds, listed at the end of this page.


Laguna Woods Village feeds

To subscribe to Laguna Woods Village feeds, open your Reader and select one or more feeds by clicking on the RSS link(s) to the right. Some Readers will automatically place the selected feed(s) on a list in your Reader. Alternatively, you may need to right click a RSS link, select "copy shortcut," and paste into your RSS Reader (select the "Subscribe" option on your Reader page, and paste ["Control +  V"] the RSS link into the field provided.)

The selected feed will now appear in the list of feeds in your reader. Once you set up the feeds, you’re set!

Many people keep their Reader open while at the computer, so they can easily check for new alerts. However, you decide to manage your RSS feeds, Laguna Woods Village hopes you’ll find this new feature an easy way to stay updated on what’s happening in our community.

*Firefox, Safari and other browser users—please click and drag the link(s) below into your feed sidebar to subscribe through your browser. Internet Explorer IE7 users, click on the link(s) below and then subscribe to the chosen feed(s) in your reader through the link on the landing page.

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