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United Laguna Woods Mutual Directors

United Laguna Woods Mutual





Pat English


1st VP

Jack Bassler


2nd VP 

Ken Hammer



Jan LaBarge



Don Tibbetts


  Anthony Liberatore (13-15)
  Ming-Lee Chang (13-16)
  Tony Dauer (13-16)
  Eva Lydick (13-16)
  Juanita Skillman (14-17)
  Lenny Ross (14-17)
United Board Members are elected by the members of United Laguna Woods Mutual and serve three-year terms as non-paid volunteers, unless otherwise noted. 

United Laguna Woods Mutual Board Meeting Dates:
2nd Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in Board Room

To contact a Board Member:
Board Member Name
United Laguna Woods Mutual
PO Box 2220
Laguna Woods, CA  92654