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Residents May Borrow Consumer Camcorders


Free Consumer Equipment Loans

Though our members do many shoots in the community, the Video Club does not officially provide video shooting or editing services. Instead, we focus on helping residents learn to create video themselves 

Residents and clubs wanting to record their events, interviews, or other subjects are invited to take advantage of our free Consumer Equipment Loan Program which lends consumer-level camcorders, tripods, and microphones without charge. Basic operational instruction is provided for these short-term loans, and a deposit covering the cost of the equipment is required. Video editing services are not included, but we invite residents to take advantage of the free coaching and training we offer in both PC and Macintoch video editing through our Corel Forum and iMovie Workshops, as well as through our formal video editing classes.

For more information about our consumer equipment loans, visit or call the Video Lab during open hours, Tuesday-Friday from 1-4 p.m., 949-470-0965.


With advance notice, the Video Club will announce requests for video services to the membership, seeking a member who wishes to volunteer to do the shoot. Individual Video Club members often provide video recording and editing for clubs they are involved with, as well as for friends, usually suggesting a donation to the Video Club,  The Video Club also provides referrals to professional videography resources, including Channel 6. Send requests for remote shoots to President Steve Carman,, .424-254-6583



Composed: 07/14/2015 | Modified: 07/30/2015

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