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June, 2015, General Meeting speaker Dr. Michelle Stanton with President Steve Carman (center) and Vice President Dr. Tom Nash.       




Regular Events

GENERAL MEETINGS – Speakers, panels, and films of general interest on video topics. See General Meetings Programs article for a list past programs since 2010. Held on the third Thursday of the month in the Video Lab except February, July, August, and December. During February, we host our annual Awards Banquet and Short Video Contest (only members may submit entries). For information, contact President Steve Carman,, 424-254-6583.

PROJECT DAY – At these meetings held in January, April, and October, members share and receive feedback on recent work and work-in-progress. Occasionally members report on video-related conferences they have attended. Held on first Mondays except July and August. Open free to all; however, only members may present, 1-3 pm, Video Lab.  For information or to be scheduled as a presenter, contact Project Day Coordinator Betsy Martin at, 707-540-1955. See our Video Evaluation Form.




Special Activities

Special Events and Projects are announced in the Videogram and on this website when scheduled. Recent special activities have included...

Producing an hilarious hour-long TV game show, "Never Too Late to Date" (a senior version of "The Dating Game"), which was carried on the Village's TV Channel 6 and is now available to view on YouTube (2014-15). This year (2016), a new edition of "Never Too Late to Date" will be joined by another original game show, "Never Too Late to Know Your Mate" (a send-up of "The Newlywed Game" (or, as we like to call it, "The Oldywed Game").


Bus trip to Chapman University to tour Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and the Huell Howser Archives in Leatherby Libraries (October, 2015).

A series of video interviews with residents over age 90 called "Remarkable Lives" carried out over the past several years and still continuing.

A team of members produced a short video of Villagers dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy Song," which ran on Channel 6 (2014-15).

Holding a club fund-raiser -- a screening of Chapman University's documentary on the late, beloved TV travel host Huell Howser (April, 2015).


Club participation in the Village's annual Grandparents Day. We shot and edited YouTube interviews of grandparents and grandkids (2012)


Operating club booths in Village travel, tech, and club expos (photo below).




Over the years, the Video Club -- which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2014 -- has carried out many other special projects, including producing hundreds of military veterans' interviews in cooperation with the Village Library and the U.S. Library of Congress, video coverage of the Village Senior Games as well as former "Resident of the Month" awards.



Video Lab 

The Video Lab has both PC and Macintosh computers with appropriate video and photo editing software for free resident and member use during open Lab hours, Tuesdays through Fridays between 1. and 4 p.m. Lab Supervisors are on duty to help residents and club members with video-related projects.

The Marvin Green Capture Center, located in the Video Lab, provides equipment which residents may use without charge to convert old media (such as 35mm slides and VHS tapes) to modern digital formats. 

Our Consumer Equipment Loan Program, operates out of the Video Lab. Through this program, residents and club members may borrow consumer camcorders and accessories for short-term use without charge (deposit required).

The Video Lab is closed on holidays and November 24-25, 2016 and from December 24, 2016 to January 3, 2017.  

The Video Lab telephone number is 949-470-0965, answered during open hours, Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m. NOTE: Until November, 2016, this phone number will not be operational due to remodeling of nearby Clubhouse 2.

During scheduled hours on assigned days, the following members currently serve as Lab Supervisors:.

Tuesday:        Bob Kulpa, Lillian Winkler

Wednesday:   Betsy Martin, Andy Cullinane

Thursday:      Lucy Parker, Jim Rohrs

Friday:           Wolfgang Kutter, Ralph Vanderlinde


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Video Studio

The Video Studio is open by appointment for video shoots, meetings, classes, and coaching. 
To schedule use of the Video Studio, contact Tom Nash,, 714-381-0781.

Video One

Video One is a group of some 25 members interested in working as a team to produce club-sponsored and personal videos for a variety of purposes, including broadcast on Village TB6 and online distribution. Many of them have had special training in the use of Studio equipment. Meetings, training sessions, and/or shoots are held most Friday afternoons in the Video Lab. To learn more about Video One -- and to get involved -- contact Video One Co-Facilitator Phil Doran,, 949-421-9788. 




Above right, camera operator Roland Harrison shoots a segment of the monthly Bi-Focal Review show produced by Gordon and Barbara Richiusa (shown). The show appears on Village Channel 6 and other stations. At left Tom Nash, Barbel Dagostino, Phil Doran, and Allen Fortson strike the set for our TV game show "Never Too Late to Date." Three segments of the show were shot in the Video Studio during 2014-15 and the show appeared on Channel 6 with portions now also on YouTube.



Learning Opportunities / Classes

Formal classes on a variety of video-related topics are held throughout the year and are announced in advance in the Videogram and on this website. Most classes consist of one to four weekly sessions, usually two hours in length. A small fee is charged. Classes include:

Introduction to Video Editing for the PC with Corel VideoStudio (four sessions)

Introduction to Video Editing for Mac with iMovie 

Making Videos with iMovie on iPhones and iPads (one session -- a hands-on class where the goal is to finish a video)

Introduction to Video Production (four sessions -- Cameras, Lighting, Audio, and Editing)

Multi-Camera Studio Production (three sessions -- Teaches use of video switcher and tech crew teamwork on Video Studio shoots)

Advanced Multi-Camera Studio Production (three sessions -- continues from introductory class)

One-Day Classes to Improve Your Videos (four sessions -- Making Family Videos, Terrific Travel Videos, Special Occasion Videos, Using Action Cameras)

How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck (four sessions on video shooting techniques, includes opportunity to purchase the widely-used textbook "How To Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck")

Introduction to YouTube (putting your videos online, one session -- tutorials from this class are available on our club's YouTube channel)

Photo Editing (one session)

Organizing Photos and Videos (one session)

For more information about our formal classes, contact Vice President Dr. Tom Nash, head of our Learning Opportunities Commitee,, 714 381-0781.



Are you confident you can reliably capture great video and sound? You can strengthen your skills with our Videography Certification Program. In one-on-one or small-group sessions, we will take you through the steps with our advanced equipment to make sure you can do everything needed (see Videography Certification Program check sheet). We'll show you how, then let you do it. When you've gotten all the items signed off, we will issue a certificate attesting to your competence and add you to our list of Certified Videographers.

Through certification, you will be qualified to use "prosumer" and professional equipment in the Video Studio. Videography Certification is for members only.

For more information, contact Vice President Dr. Tom Nash, head of our Learning Opportunities Commitee,, 714 381-0781.


Video Editing Support

Individual help is available to members editing on both Mac and PC computers. 

For help editing in iMovie on the Mac, contact Steve Carman,, 424-254-6583, or Al Koch at, 949-825-8107.

For help editing in Corel VideoStudio on the PC, contact Wolfgang Kutter (pictured at left) at,  949-457-1259, or Ralph Vanderlinde,, 949-677-5076. 

For help editing in Pinnacle 15 and 19 on the PC, contact Chuck Hale at, 949-770-4589.

Chuck suggests a $10-an-hour donation to the Video Club for his services -- and, of course, donations are always welcom.


Could you use a little coaching in some aspect of video production or editing? We have experienced coaches who are ready and able to help members with specific issues. Send an email to describing the kind of help you need. We will match you up with a coach. $10-an-hour suggested donation to the Video Club.


You are cordially invited to join us for an upcoming event!



Video Shoots...Classes...Coaching...Lectures...Video Sharing and Critiques...Saving Family Memories... Panel Discussions...Films...Contests...Special Events and Projects


June, 2015, General Meeting speaker Dr. Michelle Stanton with President Steve Carman (center) and Vice President Dr. Tom Nash.       

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